Friday, 5 May 2017

West Midlands Mayoral Election (even though I am too young to vote!)

As you are probably aware, local elections in the UK took place on the 4th May 2017. These local elections included the mayoral elections for the West Midlands, my county. Now, I am only 17 right now, so obviously cannot vote, but in this blog post I will bring across my opinions when it comes to the mayoral election.

Simple answer: Andy Street.
The main problem with Labour, locally, is that they simply do not care about the area. Sion Simon is the former MP for Erdington Constituency, and he did absolutely nothing - and, not just that, his replacement (Jack Dromey) hasn't done much either.

Why Andy Street, a Conservative?
Well, this is simple to answer too, the Conservatives actually do things in the local area. They can be seen out and about, working in the community to make it a better place. In addition to this, they provide quarterly newsletters to let people know exactly what they have done in the area. The simple fact of the matter is, they care about the local community and the local area. Labour don't.

Obviously, it is too late to campaign now that the election has taken place, but it's alright to make my opinion known.

At the time of writing this post, Andy Street is in the lead by a narrow lead of around 5,000-6,000 votes. As there is no clear majority, the second round of voting has begun, which means that second preference votes will be taken into consideration too. Lets hope that second preference votes put Andy Street in the lead, and crush Sion Simon's (and Jeremy Corbyn's) dream of the mayor of the West Midlands being Labour!

After all, look how far behind Labour are in the national polls compared to the Conservatives. A few months ago, Jeremy Corbyn said that if Sion Simon became West Midlands Mayor, he would test out his Labour policies in the West Midlands. Well, look, that cannot be good. Jeremy Corbyn is not a good leader, he's not strong, and his policies are economy damaging - and if the West Midlands is his test bed, well then, we are going to be in for a shock. Being Corbyn's test bed would damage our local economy and it would damage the local area. We don't want that.

So... lets hope there is a victory for Andy Street!

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