Friday, 16 February 2018

Cuts cuts cuts! But still higher taxes

Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police think they have the right to up council taxes significantly, whilst cutting services.

The police, for example, are closing and selling many police stations - yet they managed to afford to spend millions on refurbishing Lloyd House and providing a plush new office for the police and crime commissioner, David Jamieson. They shouldn't have done this. Instead, they should've sold off Lloyd House and Mr Jamieson should've kept a normal office.

The council are just as bad - cut cut cut cut cut - but more taxes. Libraries, children's centres, offices, bin men - the lot - the council want to cut them.

There's one way out of this of course - vote for anyone but Labour at the local elections. See how they like it.

Magazine Mockup 5

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Film and Production Company Logo Feedback

Film Logo

1) The film logo is good, but it seems more basic when compared to the Slick Motion logo. It is fitting, with the use of the gun and also very school like colours, but it seems that it was made a lot quicker than the Slick Motion logo, and it seems a lot more rushed in comparison to it.

2) I can see where the idea comes from. The use of the gun confirms that it isn't called School Run because it's about a real school run, but that it's about 'running around a school'. It confirms the action nature of the film, because otherwise I would think that it is just a comedy film about the school run.

Production Company Logo

1) I like the Slick Motion logo. It is very sleek and modern, but it also incorporates the older 'film reel' image. This means that it is a very good mix of 'now and then'. In addition, the sleekness of the logo really fits when the name 'Slick Motion', as 'Slick' is a word that I would associate with being very sleek.

2) The production company logo is very good. It looks the way it sounds - slick - and also harks back to previous decades, using the film reel to represent the fact that it is a film production company. It's modern and very 21st century, and in some ways you could say that it is very refined. I could see it being used alongside many films of multiple genres, and not just the action genre that school run is.

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