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Music Magazine Mockup 9


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Music Magazine Treatment

Music Magazine Mockup 7

(Different background colour used in comparison to Mockup 6)

Music Magazine Mockup 6


Music Magazine Survey Response Analysis

This shows that the majority of people asked do not buy music magazines often. This means that there is a potential for this to change if the magazine uses the following survey responses to help structure the magazine the way that the people like it. This shows that, in general, most people like pop, rock or other genres. This means that these are a potential audience for the magazine as the magazine intends to aim itself as a 'one for all' magazine.
 This shows that the majority of people feel that album reviews are important along with artist interviews. This means that these could be things that feature in my music magazine.
 The 50/50 response shows that the 'one for all' all genres magazine appeals to 50%  of the sample.
 This shows that there are a majority of music decades that people want represented. This could mean that these people would be interested in 2010s songs by 70s/80s/90s/00s artists.
 This shows that people are interested in both new and established ar…