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Audience Feedback

Rough Edit 5 1. The trailer, in my opinion, is very good. It is what I would expect. There's two different pieces of music and their is narration and there are also titles that hint at what the trailer is about. The main issue with these titles is that they don't distinguish why this is all happening and they also don't distinguish which side the teacher themselves is on. The action clearly becomes more intense, as everything is very fast paced and the music is a lot more epic than at the start. The film logo is at the end, which means that I know what the film is called, however it doesn't look very professional and the logo itself looks to be quite low quality. The credits at  the end provide all of the information that I would be interested in, particularly the main actors, the director and the producer. Overall, I think that it is quite a good trailer, although there are a few things that could be changed in improved. Magazine Mockup 9  1. In my opinion, the magazin