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New Job, Fresh Start

So, last week, I progressed in my career. I was in my previous, and first, job for over two years - first as an apprentice and then as a full time staff member. Whilst in this job, I learnt a lot. It gave me the experience I needed to move onto something better. I want to encourage others to always be on the look out for new opportunities. For one, always look at what other employers in your industry are paying people in similar roles. My former employer was underpaying me, and continues to underpay its staff, given what recruiters have told me. So, make sure to keep comparing your salary with others. Moving on could really benefit you, as it has me. No names to be named, but the pay I was on was awful - and the company should be ashamed for paying people such horrendous pay for the jobs that they do. It’s despicable. Secondly, don’t move on too quickly unless you really need to. You should stay in a job for a year or two, unless something really bad happens that means that you can’