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Research: Analysis of three movie magazine front covers


Movie Trailer Production Treatment

Questionnaire Response Analysis

New Narrative Idea - to be developed

The narrative will be set in a school.


New Equilibrium

Disruption & Realisation Stages

Repair Stages

It’s a normal day, a group of friends are in their lessons on a what they think will be a normal Monday. During period 5 they decide to stay in the common room to get some work done, because they’re meeting with their friends who have lessons during period 5 afterschool.

Suddenly, two people, disguised as Carrilion workers – who are doing work on the building – walk into the common room via the study room and lock the students in. They threaten them with guns and they plant a bomb.

Their friends walk out of school after period 5, and call the friends that are being held hostage in the common room and ask where they are. They tell them what’s happening. They go to the school reception and tell them that they need to speak to a senior member of staff, who calls the police.However, these friends want to save their friends, so they find a staff laptop left in the sixth form office…

Research: Analysis of three film posters

Poster 1BillboardPoster 2

Key Concepts 4: Audience (Mr Love)

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Film Trailers - Convention Research

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James Deakin 1053 20311 A2 Media: Audience Survey 1

James Deakin 1053 20311 A2 Media: Audience Survey 1: If you cannot see the survey below, please click this link  (

Audience Survey 1

If you cannot see the survey below, please click this link (