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Custom Desktop PC - but not self built

Yet again, it seems like I haven't posted in forever! So, in my latest post I will be talking about my custom desktop PC. Now, I didn't build this myself as I was on a budget - however it is a brand new PC. I purchased it in March and it arrived two weeks later. I purchased it from AWD-IT. Now, first things first, when I take you through the specifications you are going to notice one thing very clearly. It has an AMD CPU. This is something that I would never have considered for a brand new computer in the past, however I had to due to the budget that I was on. In addition to the AMD CPU, it also has an AMD Radeon GPU. Clearly a very AMD based machine then, isn't it. Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Core CPU 16GB of  Memory AMD Radeon  RX580 from PowerColor with 8GB of VRAM. 512GB SSD 1TB HD (taken from my old desktop PC) So, how does it feel to be using a brand new desktop PC? Well, firstly, I have never actually owned one before. I have owned brand new laptops, but