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Photoshoot Planning

Time & Date Shot type Location & Lighting Props, costume, hair Character used 8th March 2018 15:20 Low Angle Staff Work Room  Taped mouth and tied arms (Eve) School Uniform (Eve) Laura Gill (Eve) Michael (Charles) Kurt Rees (George) James Deakin (James) 8th March 2018  15:30 High Angle Staff Work Room  Taped mouth and tied arms (Eve) School Uniform (Eve) Laura Gill (Eve) Michael (Charles) Kurt Rees (George) James Deakin (James) 8th March 2018  15:40 Staff Work Room Taped mouth and tied arms (Eve) School Uniform (Eve) Laura Gill (Eve) Michael (Charles) Kurt Rees (George) James Deakin (James)

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Website Update - Contact form reinstated

As some of you may be aware, there was a contact form on my website a few months ago. I removed this after the service was abused by a select few users. I have now reinstated the contact form, with a new contact policy. I recommend that you use this form if you have any requests for this blog.

Dell Latitude 5480 Review


Production Company Logos

Research As can be seen from the image, there are a wide variety of different designs for film production company logos. The larger companies typically don't use things that you'd associate with film because their logos have become associated with film themselves, and therefore don't need to. In addition, they also use elaborate 3D designs or their original designs from when the companies were first created. In some cases, the 3D logos are based on older logos of the company's and they have just made 3D versions of these logos. In addition, as some companies include the founder's names, the logos use these - such as Disney and Warner Bros (WB). These kind of logos can only be used be companies that are named like that. In addition, it may be expensive to develop an elaborate 3D logo, which a low budget company like Slick Motion wouldn't be able to afford.

Location, costumes and props

Location list Plantsbrook school- The majority of the trailer will be filmed in Plantsbrook School. This is because the film is based in a school so the shots need to show the main location of the film. There will be many different rooms used including the sixth form common room, senior management office, the drama room, the dining room and also classrooms. The outside of school will be filmed also such as the entrance of the school. The drama room will be used where the hostages will be kept by the kidnappers and also when the video is filmed which is sent to the manager who sacked the kidnappers fathers. The senior management office is where the ex SAS officer will be filmed for the majority of the film. The sixth form common room is where the heroes will be located in the film but they will be shown in many different locations around the school. Red Mercedes C class 2010- The car will be used for the kidnappers travelling to the school. The kidnappers will be driven to the school an

School Run Logos and Logo Inspiration

My Logos 5 Film Logos These logos are all of action films. It is noted that all of them use a sans serif font, and that two of them look to be damaged or dirty, whilst one of them features a gun. This will be taken into account when designing my logos.The colours of black and white also feature prominently, with one logo also having red as part of it. Some of the logos seem cleaner than the others, one of which clearly shows an 'aim' for a gun. These logos don't look dirty or damaged, however they feature gun related graphics - which have been incorporated. My logos will merge these two ideas.

Netflix and Innovation

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