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Starting up my YouTube channel again?

Hi all. If you've bee on my YouTube channel over the last few months, you may remember that I said I was hoping to start it back up again at some point. Well, I still am, but I need your help and advice. For me to start it up again, I need ideas fo videos to actually create. I work on a budget, so anything that is going to cost me a lot of money isn't possible - but I really need your ideas. I could continue with the Windows History series, however I am having issues with finding a microphone that is decent enough for screen recordings - so, that's something else I could do with some recommendations for. If you can suggest one - please do. So, please let me know what you want. Your suggestions are valued, and if they are for things I can physically do, I will do my best to actually try to create the content that you want me to create. Thanks, James

When your coursework becomes a meme

Hey all! As most of you know, I did A Level Media Studies at school. The media blog is available online, and all of the posts are also available on this blog. Anyway, my sister was looking for my trailer on Youtube, when she came across a video that effectively turns it into a Plantsbrook meme. Below, I will embed the original video and the 'meme' version. The meme version is based on one of my characters, that is also a deputy head and was my media teacher - Mr Farr. Original Meme

DHL lost your delivery? How to get a quick response.

This post is largely related to the previous post on this blog. Anyway, DHL Express has a complaints page when you can contact the main customer services manager at DHL online. We did this last night, and she responded very quickly. The next day we had a call from DHL saying that the parcel had been marked as unretrievable and that hopefuly we will be able to get a new one shipped. On top of this, they have offered to refund all of the charges incurred whilst calling them. Anyway, it's really easy to contact DHL's Customer Service manager. The screenshots below show you where to go.

DHL Express - do they really care

On the 31st August, I ordered myself a new phone. It was due for delivery on Wednesday, which then changed to Tuesday. Anyway, Tuesday comes and I get an email at around 16:38 - my phone had been signed for (obviously but a relative, as I was at work). Anyway, when I left work at 17:00, I checked and it turned out that it hadn't been delivered. When I got home I called DHL to see what was happening and they couldn't get hold of the driver. Anyway, for the rest of the week, I called DHL once a day to find out if there had been any updates - but nothing. I kept getting told I would have to wait - even though I had spent £476 on that. On top of that, the calls cost 7p plus a 63p connection charge per minute. By the end of the week, we had spent £24 on phone calls (as the line is not a normal free line). On Monday, I was told again that the driver wasn't in work. The call dropped as I hit my limit although they did call me back to allow us to finish the call. DHL need to re