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Summer Homework

Film 1 (Q1/2) - American Film Poster Media Language The title is written in the largest font, with 'the' being slightly smaller. In addition, the title has three words, with multiple words being common for this genre of film. This is also a convention that has been followed throughout the film series because the names of the films are identical to the names of the books that they are based on - with the last word changing for each film. The use of the same words at the start of the title will, therefore, make the poster stand out to people that have seen the previous films and motivate them to go and see the new film. In addition, there is a strapline at the top - which refers to both the release date and the film and also links nicely with the image that has been used. Straplines are often like this, with "this summer" or "this autumn" often being used. Mise-en-scene The two posters that I have uploaded are very different. The first shows the back of Bourne