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Shot List

Shot number Camera shot Camera Angle Camera Movement  Shot Description Shot length (seconds)  1  Establishing Shot  Level Pan Shows the setting of where the characters are. 4  2  Medium Shot Level Moves to focus on the characters The boss is talking to Gonzalo about the drugs. 3  3  Extreme Long Shot  Level Pan Rubinito is chasing Gonzalo 3  4  Close up high angle shot  High Angle Shot Rubinito is on the floor with the boss kicking him. 4  5 Long low angle shot Low Angle Shot Gonzalo with the drugs.  5  6 Tracking Shot Level Tracking Gonzalo running away from the boss.  3  7 Over the shoulder shot Level The boss and Gonzalo speaking about the drugs. 4  8 Close up Level Zoom Close up of the drugs 5  9 Point of View Shot Level Tracking Rubinito is chasing Gonzalo 3  10 Long shot  Level Briefcase with the drugs in 4  11 Medium Close up Level Slight zoom Medium close up of characters. 5


The Boss- James Rubinito- Taylor Gonzalo- Dan There will also be a narrator in the trailer as the shots of the trailer are being shown to create tension. Introduction and copyright pop ups- 5-6 seconds Establishing shot of location- 2 seconds Narrator speaks- My name is Rubinto, The Boss-  "Ah Rubinto sit down"-medium close up- 3 seconds Point of view of Gonzalo getting chased with stolen drugs- 2 seconds Close up shot of drugs- 1 second Medium shot of Gonzalo with actors name on screen- 2 seconds Rubinto on the phone- High angle shot- 1 seconds Extreme close up of gun- 1 second Over the shoulder shot- Rubinto and Gonzalo- Rubinto "So you have the money"- 2 seconds Medium Shot of The Boss with actors name come up on to the screen- 2 seconds. Low Angle shot of Gonzalo- "HAHAHAHA" 2 seconds Tracking shot of The Boss speaking standing up looking forwards- 2 seconds Close up shot of Gonzalo with a zoom to his mouth- "No"- 4 seconds Music becomes more

Practicing with the camera and iMovie


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Microsoft vs Apple - get over it and accept people's opinions

Hi all, you (probably) know about my dislike for Apple and their products, and the fact that I have disliked their products for a long time now. There are a variety of reasons for this, but I will not be going into detail about these reason in this blog post. Instead, i'm here to discuss acceptance of opinion, rather than the opinions themselves. So, there are many people who hate Apple and there are many people that love Apple. The problem is, these people that love Apple think that everyone else's opinion is incorrect, and that they should change their minds. They try and convince everyone to change their minds and make everyone like Apple. They shouldn't be doing this. If they do, they should expect people to argue their opinions. Because people have a right to their opinions. Think about it, if your friend buys an Android or Windows Phone because they don't like Apple, but you like Apple, does it really matter to you? No, it doesn't, because you're not t

Treatment for preliminary activity



Number of characters: 2 Setting: One character is sat at a bench and the other walks over and then sits on the bench next to them. Narrative: One of the characters is sat on the bench, waiting for a box/briefcase/folder that contains money. The other character walks up to the bench, with the briefcase, and then starts talking to the other character. Eventually they open the box/briefcase/folder and the money is not in there. The one character demands to know where the money is, and threatens the other with something unless he comes up with an explanation. The other character refuses to tell him, until the threats get worse. And then he explains that the cash was taken by someone else who was doing a deal with him.

Initial Thoughts on the A2 Media Coursework

Overview For the A2 Media Coursework, a movie marketing campaign must be created. This will involve creating a trailer, that is around 1:30-2 minutes long, for a movie, and two print products - a poster for a movie and a front cover for a movie magazine. These will be used to promote a film. I feel that this will be an interesting piece of coursework, as both moving images and print will be used to complete it. Preliminary Task For the preliminary task I will have to produce a short narrative within one of the following genres: A Western Gunfight A Horror Chase A Romantic Encounter A Gangster Deal This will be done in a group of three or four people. The narrative will need two characters and be 60 second long. I must develop skills in using the cameras, iMovie (editing), the tripods and sound. The preliminary activity must include all of the 11 shots listed below: 1.Establishing shot 2. Long shot 3. Medium shot 4. Close-up 5. Extreme close-up 6. Low angle shot 7. High angle shot 8. Me

Make a difference and vote!

Hello all! This is a plea, to get everyone to vote. I'm not old enough to vote, but those of you that are old enough - should. You should get out there this evening and vote. I'm not here to advocate a particular party, I am just here to tell you that you should get out and vote. The future is in your hands, the future is our hands, so get out there and vote!

Exam boards - they say they're charities, but they are not

So, you may have noticed that on exam papers it says that exam boards are registered as charities. I certainly have noticed this, and I have come to the conclusion that exam boards shouldn't be charities. Charities exist to help people, as we all know, and they do charitable things (hence the name "charity"). But, are exam boards really charities? Do exam boards really help people? Well, you have come to the right place to find out. The simple answer to those questions is no. Exam boards don't help people. Exam boards cause depression, anxiety and ruin peoples self esteem. They also ruin people's lives by giving them low grades. So, in essence, they're not charities. They shouldn't be registered as charities. They should be registered as companies. I mean, they charge you to have exam papers re marked, and they charge schools for every candidate that sits a particular course - to pay people to mark the papers. Well guess what, if the exam board is a