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Script for Movie Trailer

Location Release Form


Audience Feedback on Pitch

Feedback 1 I feel that the pitch is very basic, and quite boring. It doesn't really show the creative side of the creators. However, it does give a detailed explanation of the film, but not in a very creative way. The way it is portrayed seems opposite to how the film should be portrayed. It seems extremely rushed and could be of a much better quality, because I do not find the pitch appealing at all and because of this, even though I quite like the story, there's a chance that i would be put off watching the film when it's released.  Feedback 2 I enjoyed the story, and I would definitely watch it, but the way that it was put across in the pitch could've been a lot better. The background music is extremely cheesy, they don't seem very enthusiastic about the story and it seems extremely rushed and as if no thought went into it, with them reading scripts from their phones. It seems as though they just wanted to get it out of the way and start work on other things rath

Poster Layout Sketches


Front Cover Layout Sketches


Question 1A - Research and Planning - Plan


Photoshoot Planning

Time & Date Shot type Location & Lighting Props, costume, hair Character used 8th March 2018 15:20 Low Angle Staff Work Room  Taped mouth and tied arms (Eve) School Uniform (Eve) Laura Gill (Eve) Michael (Charles) Kurt Rees (George) James Deakin (James) 8th March 2018  15:30 High Angle Staff Work Room  Taped mouth and tied arms (Eve) School Uniform (Eve) Laura Gill (Eve) Michael (Charles) Kurt Rees (George) James Deakin (James) 8th March 2018  15:40 Staff Work Room Taped mouth and tied arms (Eve) School Uniform (Eve) Laura Gill (Eve) Michael (Charles) Kurt Rees (George) James Deakin (James)

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Website Update - Contact form reinstated

As some of you may be aware, there was a contact form on my website a few months ago. I removed this after the service was abused by a select few users. I have now reinstated the contact form, with a new contact policy. I recommend that you use this form if you have any requests for this blog.

Dell Latitude 5480 Review


Production Company Logos

Research As can be seen from the image, there are a wide variety of different designs for film production company logos. The larger companies typically don't use things that you'd associate with film because their logos have become associated with film themselves, and therefore don't need to. In addition, they also use elaborate 3D designs or their original designs from when the companies were first created. In some cases, the 3D logos are based on older logos of the company's and they have just made 3D versions of these logos. In addition, as some companies include the founder's names, the logos use these - such as Disney and Warner Bros (WB). These kind of logos can only be used be companies that are named like that. In addition, it may be expensive to develop an elaborate 3D logo, which a low budget company like Slick Motion wouldn't be able to afford.

Location, costumes and props

Location list Plantsbrook school- The majority of the trailer will be filmed in Plantsbrook School. This is because the film is based in a school so the shots need to show the main location of the film. There will be many different rooms used including the sixth form common room, senior management office, the drama room, the dining room and also classrooms. The outside of school will be filmed also such as the entrance of the school. The drama room will be used where the hostages will be kept by the kidnappers and also when the video is filmed which is sent to the manager who sacked the kidnappers fathers. The senior management office is where the ex SAS officer will be filmed for the majority of the film. The sixth form common room is where the heroes will be located in the film but they will be shown in many different locations around the school. Red Mercedes C class 2010- The car will be used for the kidnappers travelling to the school. The kidnappers will be driven to the school an

School Run Logos and Logo Inspiration

My Logos 5 Film Logos These logos are all of action films. It is noted that all of them use a sans serif font, and that two of them look to be damaged or dirty, whilst one of them features a gun. This will be taken into account when designing my logos.The colours of black and white also feature prominently, with one logo also having red as part of it. Some of the logos seem cleaner than the others, one of which clearly shows an 'aim' for a gun. These logos don't look dirty or damaged, however they feature gun related graphics - which have been incorporated. My logos will merge these two ideas.

Netflix and Innovation

Theoretical analysis of my product (how my product links with theorists theories)

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F: 13th November 2017

Research: Analysis of three movie magazine front covers


Movie Trailer Production Treatment

Questionnaire Response Analysis

New Narrative Idea - to be developed

The narrative will be set in a school. Equilibrium New Equilibrium Disruption & Realisation Stages Repair Stages It’s a normal day, a group of friends are in their lessons on a what they think will be a normal Monday. During period 5 they decide to stay in the common room to get some work done, because they’re meeting with their friends who have lessons during period 5 afterschool. Suddenly, two people, disguised as Carrilion workers – who are doing work on the building – walk into the common room via the study room and lock the students in. They threaten them with guns and they plant a bomb. Their friends walk out of school after period 5, and call the friends that are being held hostage in the common room and ask where they are. They tell them what’s happening. They go to the school reception and tell them that they need to speak to a senior member of staff, who calls the police. However, these friends want to save their friends, so they find a staff laptop left in the sixth

Research: Analysis of three film posters

Poster 1 Billboard Poster 2

Key Concepts 4: Audience (Mr Love)

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Film Trailers - Convention Research

Film 1 If the link to the trailer in the presentation below DOESN'T work, then please click here or type: Film 2 Trailer This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online .

James Deakin 1053 20311 A2 Media: Audience Survey 1

James Deakin 1053 20311 A2 Media: Audience Survey 1 : If you cannot see the survey below, please click this link  (

Audience Survey 1

If you cannot see the survey below, please click this link  (

Key Concepts 3: Representation (Mr Love)


Audience Profiling

The Ultimate How To Guide to Making Trailers

Source: Ian Wall, Media Magazine, April 2014 The Purpose of Trailers Trailers have an obvious purpose - to make people want to see a film. The purpose is essentially to give the audience an idea of what the film is like. To find a film pleasurable, it needs to have something new about it but also it needs to build on the knowledge and experience of the audience.  Franchise films use this. Unique selling point In order to market a film, the distributor needs to decide what sets the film's USP (unique selling point). They need to look at the aspects of the film that set it aside from other films in that genre. They will look at the storyline to see how the film differs from others in the same genre and see what the key parts of the story are. In addition, they will look at the actors that star in the film, the director and any special effects. The USP of a film will help potential audiences come to an understanding of what they might expect when they go to see the film. The target au

Key Concepts 1: Genre (Mr Love)

Updated using feedback in book.

Key Concepts 2: Narrative (Mr Love)

2 x Action Narratives


Modern Movie Trailers

* All examples taken from 2017 trailers The Vocabulary The Turn Line This is the part of the trailer where the music drops out and there is dialogue. This is usually the point where the action starts. (Good examples: ) The Rise This follows the turn line. It lead to the big finale that the trailer builds up to. Hits Pounding dramatic booms used to punctuate trailers. (Good example:  ) The Button This is the scare or joke that comes immediately after the main title reveal. It ends the trailer with a bang. The Soundtrack It is important that the right soundtrack is used, as they are a very important part of the trailer. Some soundtracks are made specifically for the trailer, which makes them fit perfectly with the scenes that are in the trailer. Sometimes, this is not the case. It is important that the soundtrack effects the person emotionally, as this will mean that they are more likely to go and watch the film. The soundtrack helps to sell the film within the short amount of time that

Summer Homework

Film 1 (Q1/2) - American Film Poster Media Language The title is written in the largest font, with 'the' being slightly smaller. In addition, the title has three words, with multiple words being common for this genre of film. This is also a convention that has been followed throughout the film series because the names of the films are identical to the names of the books that they are based on - with the last word changing for each film. The use of the same words at the start of the title will, therefore, make the poster stand out to people that have seen the previous films and motivate them to go and see the new film. In addition, there is a strapline at the top - which refers to both the release date and the film and also links nicely with the image that has been used. Straplines are often like this, with "this summer" or "this autumn" often being used. Mise-en-scene The two posters that I have uploaded are very different. The first shows the back of Bourne

Preliminary Task Evaluation

1.What new skills, techniques and knowledge have you learnt from producing the preliminary activity?  While producing the preliminary activity,   I have learnt various different things including how to use the camera and tripod and how to use iMovie to edit the footage that has been filmed.  I now know how to correctly setup the tripod, setup the camera, film using various different types of shot, import the filmed footage into iMovie, add titles (at the start of the trailer, and in between various different clips/shots/scenes) and add music (a soundtrack) that fits with the genre of the film that the trailer has been created for. 2. How did you work with other people in your production team?   Overall, I feel that we worked well. However, there was some lack of discussion when the script was changed (although apparently I had been messaged about this). I feel that working in a team to create the preliminary task has helped me with my team working skills, particularly when we were film

Preliminary Task - One Day Trailer


Shot List

Shot number Camera shot Camera Angle Camera Movement  Shot Description Shot length (seconds)  1  Establishing Shot  Level Pan Shows the setting of where the characters are. 4  2  Medium Shot Level Moves to focus on the characters The boss is talking to Gonzalo about the drugs. 3  3  Extreme Long Shot  Level Pan Rubinito is chasing Gonzalo 3  4  Close up high angle shot  High Angle Shot Rubinito is on the floor with the boss kicking him. 4  5 Long low angle shot Low Angle Shot Gonzalo with the drugs.  5  6 Tracking Shot Level Tracking Gonzalo running away from the boss.  3  7 Over the shoulder shot Level The boss and Gonzalo speaking about the drugs. 4  8 Close up Level Zoom Close up of the drugs 5  9 Point of View Shot Level Tracking Rubinito is chasing Gonzalo 3  10 Long shot  Level Briefcase with the drugs in 4  11 Medium Close up Level Slight zoom Medium close up of characters. 5


The Boss- James Rubinito- Taylor Gonzalo- Dan There will also be a narrator in the trailer as the shots of the trailer are being shown to create tension. Introduction and copyright pop ups- 5-6 seconds Establishing shot of location- 2 seconds Narrator speaks- My name is Rubinto, The Boss-  "Ah Rubinto sit down"-medium close up- 3 seconds Point of view of Gonzalo getting chased with stolen drugs- 2 seconds Close up shot of drugs- 1 second Medium shot of Gonzalo with actors name on screen- 2 seconds Rubinto on the phone- High angle shot- 1 seconds Extreme close up of gun- 1 second Over the shoulder shot- Rubinto and Gonzalo- Rubinto "So you have the money"- 2 seconds Medium Shot of The Boss with actors name come up on to the screen- 2 seconds. Low Angle shot of Gonzalo- "HAHAHAHA" 2 seconds Tracking shot of The Boss speaking standing up looking forwards- 2 seconds Close up shot of Gonzalo with a zoom to his mouth- "No"- 4 seconds Music becomes more