Conventions of a magazine front cover and contents page

Front Cover

  • A masthead for the school magazine.
  • A headline, which is about the main feature in the magazine.
  • A strapline, talking about the headline's article.
  • Coverlines, which give the audience an idea of what is in this issue.
  • Pug/Starbust, something that stands out to the audience so that they are more likely to read it.
  • A main image. Usually about the article the headline talks about.
  • Date if issue.
  • A variety of font sizes (masthead will have large font, headline large font, streamline and cover line smaller).
  • Price.
Contents Page
  •  Some images about the articles in the magazine.
  • A table of contents, which includes captions giving the audience and idea about what the article is about.
  • Page numbers and information as to what articles are on the page.
  • Captions for the images on the contents page.
  • Columns