Contents page conventions

  • Contents pages exist to tell you what is in a magazine. They provide the page numbers of where different articles are located in the magazine.
  • They are based on a grid structure and rulers are used to line them up correctly.
  • They are made of 1 or 2 columns, and these will have subheadings for each column.
  • Numbers are used to locate where different things in the magazine are located, these are the page numbers.
  • There may also be photos of content with captions which are used to engage the audience more. If the photo is large, the more important it is to the issue of the magazine.
  • Articles and features use larger, bolder text. 
  • Underneath each article or feature name is a blurb which gives a small amount of information on what the article or feature is about.
  • There may also be an editors letter or a section with information on the magazine subscription.