Preliminary Task Evaluation

1.What new skills, techniques and knowledge have you learnt from producing the preliminary activity? 

While producing the preliminary activity, I have learnt various different things including how to use the camera and tripod and how to use iMovie to edit the footage that has been filmed. 
I now know how to correctly setup the tripod, setup the camera, film using various different types of shot, import the filmed footage into iMovie, add titles (at the start of the trailer, and in between various different clips/shots/scenes) and add music (a soundtrack) that fits with the genre of the film that the trailer has been created for.

2. How did you work with other people in your production team?  

Overall, I feel that we worked well. However, there was some lack of discussion when the script was changed (although apparently I had been messaged about this). I feel that working in a team to create the preliminary task has helped me with my team working skills, particularly when we were filming the footage - because this was when teamwork was really needed. It also allowed me to see how the production teams would work, and what we'd have to do in our teams, for the main activity/task that will be completed next.

3 What role did you play in the production? 

I had various roles in the production. These included acting (which I believe I could have done better at), helping write the treatment and helping to choose between the three narratives (and eventually choosing Taylor's). 
I feel that I could have done more, and had more roles in the production, as this would have helped me gain skills in script writing and also deciding which shots would be used, skills which may be useful next year when I come to working on the main task. 

4. Would you have done anything differently? 

I would have spent more time working on the script with the others, rather than just leaving it all to them, because this would've made it fairer and would've split the workload but would also have helped me gain skills in script writing that I will need for the main activity, when I come to do that next year.

5. What parts of the process did you find most challenging?  

I found choosing the soundtrack the most challenging, because the kind of music that is associated with the genre isn't the kind of music that I would normally listen to, which meant that I wasn't really sure whether or not the music was the right kind of music for the genre of this trailer.

6. How did you overcome this?

I used the internet to research the types of music that would be used for this genre, and then searched for some royalty free music that would fit. This allowed me to make sure that the kind of music was correct for this genre of trailer.

7. How successful was your final media product? What are the strengths and the areas that you need to work on in future projects?

I found that one of my weaknesses was choosing the correct music for the soundtrack, but as I said above I managed to overcome this by doing some research on the kinds of music that are used for films of this genre. Another weakness that I have is spreading the work equally because I feel that I did less work than the others in the team, although I didn't mean to do less work than them.