New Narrative Idea - to be developed

The narrative will be set in a school.


New Equilibrium

Disruption & Realisation Stages

Repair Stages

It’s a normal day, a group of friends are in their lessons on a what they think will be a normal Monday. During period 5 they decide to stay in the common room to get some work done, because they’re meeting with their friends who have lessons during period 5 afterschool.

Suddenly, two people, disguised as Carrilion workers – who are doing work on the building – walk into the common room via the study room and lock the students in. They threaten them with guns and they plant a bomb.

Their friends walk out of school after period 5, and call the friends that are being held hostage in the common room and ask where they are. They tell them what’s happening. They go to the school reception and tell them that they need to speak to a senior member of staff, who calls the police. However, these friends want to save their friends, so they find a staff laptop left in the sixth form office, logged on, and look at the CCTV. They finally see the real nature of the situation and they know that they need to act fast. The police said that they’d be along soon, to the senior member of staff, but they don’t arrive for an hour. The students must keep their friends safe during the ordeal – before the police arrive. One of the terrorists, disguised as a carillion worker, leaves the common room and refuses to negotiate. The terrorist then chases the students around the school, aiming and shooting his gun, but the students outrun him. They wait until he’s run out of bullets, and then do their best to corner him in an IT classroom. By this time, the terrorist in the common room has started to broadcast the situation online, so a student logs on and starts watching the situation from the IT room whilst they fight. They know that they must not injure him, because if they do their friends will be shot and a bomb will be set off in the common room.

During the fight, the police turn up and try to negotiate through the common room windows – even though they’re on the ground floor. The friends decide that this is their chance – the terrorist in the common room is distracted, so they knock out the other terrorist in the IT room. One goes to the sixth form office, one stays in the IT room – to keep an eye on the terrorist in the IT room and look at the cameras - whilst two head for the common room and another heads for someone with keys. They somehow manage to take the keys from another staff member’s pocket without them noticing, and then head for the common room. Whilst the terrorist is distracted by the police, the friends sneak in via the study room, where they find the terrorists bag which contains bullets for the terrorist in the IT rooms gun. They get their friends to bring that gun to them, and then ask the police if they will get in trouble for shooting them. Due to the situation, the police inform them that they can shoot. They then enter the common room via the study room door and shoot the terrorist – in the head and in the back. They inform the police about the other one, and the police then head up to do their investigation and collect the body.

Two weeks later, the school reopens – albeit with the common room closed – and the friends are seen in an assembly, where the police present them with bravery awards. They are then seen carrying out daily school life, with lessons, as normal.