Location, costumes and props

Location list

Plantsbrook school- The majority of the trailer will be filmed in Plantsbrook School. This is because the film is based in a school so the shots need to show the main location of the film. There will be many different rooms used including the sixth form common room, senior management office, the drama room, the dining room and also classrooms. The outside of school will be filmed also such as the entrance of the school. The drama room will be used where the hostages will be kept by the kidnappers and also when the video is filmed which is sent to the manager who sacked the kidnappers fathers. The senior management office is where the ex SAS officer will be filmed for the majority of the film. The sixth form common room is where the heroes will be located in the film but they will be shown in many different locations around the school.

Red Mercedes C class 2010- The car will be used for the kidnappers travelling to the school. The kidnappers will be driven to the school and many shots will show the kidnappers inside the car and also running out the car. Extreme close up shots of the car will be shown in the trailer.

Costume list

School uniform- The students will be in school uniform as the film is set in a school on a 'normal' day.
Black suit- The kidnappers will be dressed in black suits as they like to look smart. The ex SAS will also be wearing a suit,.
Balaclavas- Balaclavas will be worn by the kidnappers to hide their identity.


Black gloves- These will be worn by the kidnappers to prevent any finger prints being shown.

Plastic guns- At least three black guns which are going to be pistols which the kidnappers and the ex SAS will use.