Starting up my YouTube channel again?

Hi all.

If you've bee on my YouTube channel over the last few months, you may remember that I said I was hoping to start it back up again at some point. Well, I still am, but I need your help and advice.

For me to start it up again, I need ideas fo videos to actually create. I work on a budget, so anything that is going to cost me a lot of money isn't possible - but I really need your ideas. I could continue with the Windows History series, however I am having issues with finding a microphone that is decent enough for screen recordings - so, that's something else I could do with some recommendations for. If you can suggest one - please do.

So, please let me know what you want. Your suggestions are valued, and if they are for things I can physically do, I will do my best to actually try to create the content that you want me to create.