Happy New Year

Well, this is my first post in quite a while and I would like to wish you all a happy new year.
A lot happened in 2018 for me, from completing my A Levels and leaving school, getting my first job, staying in a hotel for the first time and visiting new places such as London, Portsmouth and Brighton.

I have had my ups and downs in 2018, as I am sure a lot of us have, however 2019 is a new year and it is time to start a new slate and see what 2019 brings us. I hope that 2019 has just as many good memories for me as as 2018 has, and I hope this is the case for you to. We have just one year left of this decade and it feels as though 2010 and 2011 were just yesterday - but they were 9 and 8 years ago respectively. This decade has flown by and as it's the last year of the decade it would be great to make the most of the last year and make as many great memories as possible.

So, I wish you all a happy new year. I also hope that you have all had a fantastic Christmas too.