Coronavirus Pandemic - Stay safe everyone

As the world is currently in uncertain times, I thought it would be suitable to make a post about the coronavirus pandemic.

I personally, as of Saturday, will bbe staying in mostly - I may go to the shop, or walk to the park on a Sunday evening when it is quiet, but I am staying away from crowds of people. As it is, I am already working from home and have experienced first hand the amount of people that are now working from home.

Now, as is well known, I travel a lot and I am stopping that until we are through this pandemic. I want to ensure that key workers, as well as those that don't have the option to work from home, are given the best possible chance at safety. This is something that I recommend all do and everyone keeps as safe as possible.

In the meantime, what to do whilst at home practicing social distancing? Well, use social media - keep in touch essentially, whilst doing a mix of learning, playing games and working on indoor hobbies (oh, and working).

Anyway guys, stay safe all and I will post another update soon.