Software Testing

Following on from my previous post talking about the changes that I have made to the Jadweb Studio software since the release of 2020 r1, I also feel that it is appropriate to talk about how I go about testing my software, just to give you more of an insight.

Newest Windows Versions

I test my software on the latest version of Windows all the time. I develop using Windows 10 and I have multiple devices that I can test on - a desktop and more than one laptop. This ensures compatibility with the different versions of Windows (my devices don't all have the same release of Windows 10 on).

Old laptop and virtual machines

I have recently acquired an early 2000s Dell Latitude laptop. This allows me to test the software on Windows XP. I use virtual machines for testing software on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

So, there is a small insight into a how I do software testing.


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