COVID - How has my lockdown been?

Given the situation with COVID-19 I thought now would be a decent time to talk about how lockdown has been for me, so that you can compare to how it has been for you.

Working from home

Even before the lockdown I was working from home - we started the week before Boris announced the lockdown. I found that it was easy for me to adapt to as I had worked from home previously, however not for as long as the lockdown of course. The lockdown itself has been a long and boring time, and working from home has definitely kept me occupied during the days. I have been working my usual hours, relying on remote connections.

Boris Walks

Ah yes, the good old Boris Walk. A key part of the lockdown was how people were describing the walks that they were going on during the lockdown. I did many of these, going out most days depending on the weather. I found that these were useful because otherwise I would have been sitting at a screen for months on end without actually going out and getting fresh air.

Sitting outside

Along with the Boris Walks, spending time out in the garden was a great way to get some fresh air. I sat outside, with my laptop, and just listened to music and watched YouTube whilst doing other things that I found kept me occupied.

Things to keep occupied, and in touch

Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram kept me constantly in touch with my many friends that live miles and miles away. In addition, a few phone calls helped too. As for keeping occupied? YouTube, Games, Website and Software Dev, and working on learning new things for my job.

So, how was your lockdown?