Now that is what I call great customer service

Well, you may have seen my previous post where I am talking about phones. This is going to be another post about phones. In particular, my experience with Virgin Mobile and upgrading early.

So, as I said in the previous post, my phone is diabolical. For a phone to require a restart three times within two hours is just shambolic. I mean, come on... do you want your customers to be loyal and buy another phone off you in the future? Well, the good news is that I won't have to deal with this shambolic phone for much longer. Why? Virgin's amazing customer service.

So, we rang up Virgin because, as you may have read in the previous post, I cannot afford to buy a new sim free phone. The phone I wanted was (and still is, at the time of posting) on Virgin as part of a £19 contract. Now, the contract didn't suit me so I chose to upgrade to the £22 contract - which includes more data. Now, this had to be done on the phone as Virgin do not offer the facility to upgrade early on their website. Now, this post is about customer service, you say? Yes, it is, at the end of the phone call we were told that they would not charge us a cancellation fee on my existing contract because they like to keep their customers happy. Now that, is what I call customer service (I'm looking at you BT).

So congratulations, Virgin, your customer service is amazing!


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