Brand identity and ideology of Q Magazine

Q Magazine values a variety of music, such as rock and pop. When it was first created, its creator even made this clear when they said "Magazines tend to bracket people by taste, or what they assume that taste to be. This is a magazine that doesn't." As can clearly be seen from the front covers, it covers a variety. There are famous artists from multiple genres. They value their audience and want to be a magazine for all.  Q believes that all music is important and that everyone should be able to find out about that music in one place rather than just sticking with one genre or style or having to purchase multiple magazines. The magazine has a specific colour scheme, using largely red, black and white - although other colours are used. This is because they feel that they should be recognisable as Q and they make their brand easy to recognise. The masthead is always located in the same place, and the colours rarely deviate. This means that they have a house style and that allows Q to be recognised by the way their front covers, contents pages and article pages look. It is consistent and it look professional - as opposed to each page and issue using different colours and fonts, which would too childish for the audience that Q are aiming themselves at. In addition, it is not designed to be particularly specific to a specific genre (the house style and masthead). It's designed to be general to allow it to work with a variety of styles and genres in music - as that is the intention of the magazine as a whole. 

Background: Q Magazine was released in 1986, which is when the above quote from the creator (not the specific publisher, probably the first editor) was made. This shows that they have kept their values since the magazine was first published - therefore 30 years. In turn, this shows that they are very committed to sticking to their values and beliefs that they have had right since the start.