Masthead Feedback

Feedback 1 (second across from top): It's incredibly eye catching, stands out to the audience.

 Feedback 2 (bottom right): Stands out as each letter is different, though the could have better choice of colour. 

Feedback 3 (second rown, far right): Stands out well, and the colours suit the font used.

 Feedback 4 (third row, far right): Font is bold and easy to see, however it could use a more vibrant colour.

 Feedback 5 (third row, far right): Stands out and is prominent.

Feedback 6: I do like the one in the bottom right but I feel for that to be a success it'd need to be brighter. And third row down middle is another good one but the colour could be a tad lighter. But if I had to choose one I think it'd be bottom right but with a lightish red colour because it's big, it's bold and it's unusual so I think it'd stand out well.

 Feedback 7 (second row, centre): Terrible. Due to transparent centre it won't stand out enough over the top of images.

 Feedback 8 (first row, left): Don't really like this as the 4 doesnt seem similar enough to the rest of the text.

 Feedback 9 (first rown, right): Doesn't seem different enough to the masthead below it, other than lack of border and shadow.

 Feedback 10 (bottom, left): Font stands out, but the colours don't go well. Too much grey.