Microsoft vs Apple - get over it and accept people's opinions

Hi all, you (probably) know about my dislike for Apple and their products, and the fact that I have disliked their products for a long time now. There are a variety of reasons for this, but I will not be going into detail about these reason in this blog post. Instead, i'm here to discuss acceptance of opinion, rather than the opinions themselves.

So, there are many people who hate Apple and there are many people that love Apple. The problem is, these people that love Apple think that everyone else's opinion is incorrect, and that they should change their minds. They try and convince everyone to change their minds and make everyone like Apple.

They shouldn't be doing this. If they do, they should expect people to argue their opinions. Because people have a right to their opinions. Think about it, if your friend buys an Android or Windows Phone because they don't like Apple, but you like Apple, does it really matter to you? No, it doesn't, because you're not the one that is going to be using the phone, are you?

Just because you like something, doesn't mean that everyone has to. People are entitled to buy whatever they want, as it's them that's using it and not you.

So, please, please, can we stop the arguments and understand, and accept, that people have opinions and they are entitled to their opinions.

Thank you!