Exam boards - they say they're charities, but they are not

So, you may have noticed that on exam papers it says that exam boards are registered as charities. I certainly have noticed this, and I have come to the conclusion that exam boards shouldn't be charities.

Charities exist to help people, as we all know, and they do charitable things (hence the name "charity"). But, are exam boards really charities? Do exam boards really help people? Well, you have come to the right place to find out.

The simple answer to those questions is no. Exam boards don't help people. Exam boards cause depression, anxiety and ruin peoples self esteem. They also ruin people's lives by giving them low grades.

So, in essence, they're not charities. They shouldn't be registered as charities. They should be registered as companies. I mean, they charge you to have exam papers re marked, and they charge schools for every candidate that sits a particular course - to pay people to mark the papers. Well guess what, if the exam board is a charity, the examiners and moderators should be volunteers.

Oh yeah, and just to add, invigilators shouldn't be paid. They all get pensions anyway. In fact, the job "invigilator" shouldn't exist.

Oh yeah, JCQ, technically you are inciting theft by saying we are not allowed to take phones into exams - because invigilators could steal them.

Anyway, there we have it, the truth. That exam boards shouldn't be registered as charities.