Initial Thoughts on the A2 Media Coursework


For the A2 Media Coursework, a movie marketing campaign must be created. This will involve creating a trailer, that is around 1:30-2 minutes long, for a movie, and two print products - a poster for a movie and a front cover for a movie magazine. These will be used to promote a film. I feel that this will be an interesting piece of coursework, as both moving images and print will be used to complete it.

Preliminary Task

For the preliminary task I will have to produce a short narrative within one of the following genres:
  • A Western Gunfight
  • A Horror Chase
  • A Romantic Encounter
  • A Gangster Deal
This will be done in a group of three or four people. The narrative will need two characters and be 60 second long. I must develop skills in using the cameras, iMovie (editing), the tripods and sound.
The preliminary activity must include all of the 11 shots listed below:
  • 1.Establishing shot
  • 2. Long shot
  • 3. Medium shot
  • 4. Close-up
  • 5. Extreme close-up
  • 6. Low angle shot
  • 7. High angle shot
  • 8. Medium close-up
  • 9. Tracking shot
  • 10.Over the shoulder shot
  • 11.Point of view shot
The project must include a: treatment, a shortlist of every shot, a script conforming to conventions, at least two characters, dialogue between the characters, titles, a suitable soundtrack, thoughtful use of mise-en-scene, a final product that is uploaded to youtube and the blog.